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~ Compliments ~
"Congratulations on having such gorgeous work published in Bead Stringing! I really like the cornucopia necklace. The jasper is beautiful! ... great job!" -- Tracy M., Alabama
~ ~ ~

"Just wanted to say how much I love your "smoke on the water" design. Very elegant and simple." -- Nancy L., Morristown, NJ

~ Random Thoughts ~
My brother calls this one "Gothic." I just designed a necklace around a silver heart pendant that I've had for the longest time.
Gothic Necklace
I added black seed beads, silver daisies, and deep red freshwater pearls. I was surprised at how a simple design could look very attractive.

The first day I wore it, I had to stop by a couple of stores for errands. The sales clerk at Barnes and Noble asked if I make my jewelry, adding that it looked "professional." The cashier at Michael's asked the same question and said it looks "very nice." With a broad smile, I nodded, handed out a business card, and said, "There's more at my website." Even if they don't come around at all, I sure had a blast receiving the compliments. Simple joys make my day.

“Almost Autumn” Necklace

This is another revival piece from 2006. It was the time I discovered seed beads. And multi-strands. I found luminescent “rosebud” glass beads and a pair of glass leaf pendants, all synchronized in color with the seed beads, and went for asymmetry with the toggle clasp along the side.

"Almost Autumn" Necklace

Now let me share the materials I used and the step-by-step tutorial for your reference.


42” medium orange 11/0 seed beads
45” lime green transparent 11/0 seed beads
14 rosebud vitral light topaz 8mm fire-polished glass beads
2 yellow/green 25mm glass leaf pendants
6 sterling silver 4mm daisy spacers
2 Bali silver 10mm cones
1 Bali silver toggle clasp
2 sterling silver 2” eye pins
11’ of waxed nylon thread

Finished size: 19”

"Almost Autumn" Necklace Glass Leaves

Step 1: Cut the waxed thread into six 22-inch strands. Hold the 6 strands together and attach to one eye pin with a tight square knot. Dab a drop of glue on the knot to secure. Holding the strands together, thread them into the beading needle and string 1 rosebud and 1 daisy 5 times. String 1 more rosebud then remove the strands from the needle.

Step 2: Hold 3 strands together and string 1 rosebud, 1 glass leaf, 1 daisy, 1 glass leaf, and 1 rosebud; set aside.

Step 3: Pick up the 4th strand and string 3 lime green seed beads. Repeat with the 5th and 6th strand. Hold these 3 strands together and string 1 rosebud. Separate the strands again and string 3 lime green seed beads on each one.

Step 4: Gather all 6 strands again, thread through the needle, and string 1 rosebud. Remove strands from needle. String 2 inches of medium orange seed beads each on 3 strands and lime green seed beads on each of the other 3 strands. Repeat entire step three times by stringing 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches of seed beads after each rosebud. Gather all 6 strands again, string 1 rosebud, and attach to an eye pin using a tight square knot. Dab glue to secure.

Step 5: Use one of the eye pins to string a cone and 1 lime green seed bead. Form a wrapped loop that attaches to one half of the toggle clasp. Repeat entire step for the other half of the clasp.

"Almost Autumn" Necklace Toggle Clasp

Tip: To secure the seed bead strands, tie a tight knot after each rosebud bead and slip the knot into the bead hole to hide.


Mexican Flag Bead Necklace

A few months ago, I received an email from a lady who said, “I had been searching the entire web for a beaded Mexican flag necklace, when your site popped up.” She found a photo of my beaded amulet bag of a Mexican flag. It was a custom project back in 2005.

Mexican Flag Amulet Bag

Mexican Flag Amulet Bag

The lady asked me if I could make one for her. I admitted that I have a day job and I’ve had to decline requests for projects that would require a lot of time, like this beaded flag. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and said she would be happy to wait for as long as it takes. So, then I couldn’t turn her down. I agreed to work with her.

I beaded for a few minutes a day until I was done. Because she wanted a necklace, not an amulet bag, I had to device a way to keep the beads in place as a pendant. Enter my polymer clay skills, et voila! The polymer clay backing and a sterling silver bail completed the necklace.

Here are the photos that I sent her before I shipped the item.

Mexican Flag Beaded Necklace

Mexican Flag Beaded Necklace

Mexican Flag Beaded Necklace

Mexican Flag Beaded Necklace - 2.5 inches wide

2.5 inches wide

Mexican Flag Beaded Necklace - polymer clay backing.

Polymer clay backing.

She said, “I really love this necklace. Thank you so much for taking time to customize this for me.”

I’m happy.