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~ Compliments ~
"Congratulations on having such gorgeous work published in Bead Stringing! I really like the cornucopia necklace. The jasper is beautiful! ... great job!" -- Tracy M., Alabama
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"Just wanted to say how much I love your "smoke on the water" design. Very elegant and simple." -- Nancy L., Morristown, NJ

~ Random Thoughts ~
My brother calls this one "Gothic." I just designed a necklace around a silver heart pendant that I've had for the longest time.
Gothic Necklace
I added black seed beads, silver daisies, and deep red freshwater pearls. I was surprised at how a simple design could look very attractive.

The first day I wore it, I had to stop by a couple of stores for errands. The sales clerk at Barnes and Noble asked if I make my jewelry, adding that it looked "professional." The cashier at Michael's asked the same question and said it looks "very nice." With a broad smile, I nodded, handed out a business card, and said, "There's more at my website." Even if they don't come around at all, I sure had a blast receiving the compliments. Simple joys make my day.

Heart Zipper Pulls

If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about what handmade items to give away as stocking stuffers for the Christmas holidays. I’ll share one of the projects I had many seasons ago – zipper pulls.

I posted photos of my gemstone hearts zipper pulls on my website. I mentioned that I would accept orders until I use up my stash. These were heart-shaped rose quartz, strawberry quartz, and cat’s eye paired with large red faceted Czech crystals hanging from a lobster claw clasp. The photos showed the pulls dangling from the front zipper of a backpack.

Heart Zipper Pulls on Backpack Pockets

When I received an inquiry about these zipper pulls, I showed the buyer her options.

Samples of Gemstone Zipper Pulls

She wanted six of each for a total of 24. I decided to throw in an extra one for her. She was a happy customer.

Here’s the zipper pull build sequence:

* Using a 2-inch head pin, string a small faceted bead, a heart, and another small bead.

* Form a closed loop and set aside.

* Pick up a two-inch wire and form a loop on one end attaching it to the end loop of the heart.

* String a small bead, a large faceted bead, and a small bead and form a loop attaching the clasp before closing.

Making Heart Zipper Pulls

Zipper pulls, bag tags, and keychains are fun and easy projects, which I’m sure you can quickly omplete in time for Christmas gift-giving.

Gemstone Heart Zipper Pulls


“Old Rose” Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace

I’d like to share one of my favorite projects from 2006 (barely a couple of years since I started my passion for handmade jewelry). I called it “Old Rose.” This was a submission to Stringing Magazine that didn’t quite make the cut (my other necklaces were chosen). The good news is I can personally publish this project’s list of materials and tutorial steps in detail.

Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace

And because I had long parted with this necklace (I don’t even remember who became the recipient), I can only use the original photos taken almost a decade ago, with a low resolution point-and-shoot. Nevertheless, I hope this inspires you to create your own favorite.

Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace

24 watermelon tourmaline 5mm round
20 watermelon tourmaline 4mm round
30 rhodonite 4mm cube
58 brown agate 4mm cube
12 fine liquid silver (heishi) 5/32” (.029” hole)
1 Bali silver toggle clasp
20 Bali silver 3mm daisy spacer
22 Bali silver 4mm daisy spacer
2 sterling silver 2×2mm crimp beads
44” .010 beading wire

Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace

Wire cutters
Crimping pliers
Chain-nose pliers

Finished size
19 ½”

Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace

When working with a double strand, instead of cutting the beading wire, fold it in half, insert one end of the toggle clasp into the fold and secure the wire with a crimp bead.

Step 1: Cut the beading wire into two 22” strands. Attach to one half of the toggle clasp using a crimp bead.

Step 2: Using both strands, string 1 small daisy, 1 rhodonite, 1 small daisy, 12 brown agate, 1 small daisy, 1 rhodonite, 1 small daisy, 7 rhodonite, 1 small daisy, 1 rhodonite, 1 big daisy. Separate the strands and on each strand, string 1 liquid silver, 1 small daisy, 5 small tourmaline, 1 small daisy, and 1 liquid silver. Bring the strands together and string 1 big daisy, 5 brown agate, and 1 big daisy.

Step 3: Separate the strands. On one strand, string 1 liquid silver. Then string 1 big daisy, 1 rhodonite, 1 big daisy, and 7 big tourmaline three times. Continue with 1 big daisy, 1 rhodonite, 1 big daisy, and 1 liquid silver.

Step 4: On the other strand, string 1 liquid silver. Then string 1 big daisy, 5 rhodonite, 1 big daisy, and 1 big tourmaline three times. Continue with 1 big daisy, 5 rhodonite, 1 big daisy, and 1 liquid silver.

Step 5: Using the two strands together, repeat Step 2 in reverse sequence. Attach end of wire strands to the other half of the toggle clasp using a crimp bead.

Tourmaline and Rhodonite Necklace