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Stringing Spring 2006
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~ Compliments ~
"Congratulations on having such gorgeous work published in Bead Stringing! I really like the cornucopia necklace. The jasper is beautiful! ... great job!" -- Tracy M., Alabama
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"Just wanted to say how much I love your "smoke on the water" design. Very elegant and simple." -- Nancy L., Morristown, NJ

~ Random Thoughts ~
My brother calls this one "Gothic." I just designed a necklace around a silver heart pendant that I've had for the longest time.
Gothic Necklace
I added black seed beads, silver daisies, and deep red freshwater pearls. I was surprised at how a simple design could look very attractive.

The first day I wore it, I had to stop by a couple of stores for errands. The sales clerk at Barnes and Noble asked if I make my jewelry, adding that it looked "professional." The cashier at Michael's asked the same question and said it looks "very nice." With a broad smile, I nodded, handed out a business card, and said, "There's more at my website." Even if they don't come around at all, I sure had a blast receiving the compliments. Simple joys make my day.

Flower Barrels

I discovered these ceramic barrel beads at a Black Market Minerals store. They’re very interesting because they’re beige and brown like clay, hand-etched with almost indistinguishable geometric shapes, ethnic symbols, and assorted artistic markings. A couple of strands stood out because they had flower markings. I like flowers. I bought a strand.

The barrel beads are a little bulky, so the accompanying beads can’t be too delicate. Besides, the holes are big, so even the stringing element should be sturdy. I decided to use 20-gauge sterling silver half-hard wires. To hold the barrels in place, I put each of them between a pair of faceted fire-polished glass beads, also brownish in color.

Flower Barrel Beads

Flower Barrel Beads

The matching earrings were easy — a couple of headpins, bicone crystals to hold the barrels in place, and dark brown accent beads embellished with bead caps.

I wore the bracelet for a few minutes. That’s how I determine if it’s good, not only to the eyes but also to the wrist. I found out that I wouldn’t wear it with my writer hat (those humungous beads misaligned my typing). But yes, I’ll proudly wear the bracelet (and the heavy earrings) to a summer picnic.

Just because you can’t wear a piece of jewelry everyday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own it.

The Flower Barrels bracelet and earrings were published in Stringing Summer 2010. The matching necklace was featured in Stringing Fall 2010.