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~ Compliments ~
"Congratulations on having such gorgeous work published in Bead Stringing! I really like the cornucopia necklace. The jasper is beautiful! ... great job!" -- Tracy M., Alabama
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"Just wanted to say how much I love your "smoke on the water" design. Very elegant and simple." -- Nancy L., Morristown, NJ

~ Random Thoughts ~
My brother calls this one "Gothic." I just designed a necklace around a silver heart pendant that I've had for the longest time.
Gothic Necklace
I added black seed beads, silver daisies, and deep red freshwater pearls. I was surprised at how a simple design could look very attractive.

The first day I wore it, I had to stop by a couple of stores for errands. The sales clerk at Barnes and Noble asked if I make my jewelry, adding that it looked "professional." The cashier at Michael's asked the same question and said it looks "very nice." With a broad smile, I nodded, handed out a business card, and said, "There's more at my website." Even if they don't come around at all, I sure had a blast receiving the compliments. Simple joys make my day.

Green and White Braided Bracelet

I still have a lot of braided faux leather cord that I can use for quick-and-easy bracelets. So, let me share a basic leather cord design that you can get some kind of idea or inspiration from for your own creations.

Green and white braided leather cord bracelet

I chose the neon green strand and matched it with a white one. A lobster claw clasp is always safe to use, although it sometimes requires agile hands or a friend to put the jewelry on. A rather large jump ring is what I used to connect the leather cords in the middle of the design. Sterling silver wire helped hold the leather secure around the jump ring.

Braided faux leather cord, and findings

Six inches each of the green and white braided leather would be just right for a 6 to 7-inch bracelet. I folded each color in half and slipped them onto the focal jump ring, then wrapped about 2 inches of sterling silver wire around the fold to keep the leather in place.

Cord end caps and the lobster claw clasp attached with jump rings close the bracelet. A token attached to the focal jump ring completes the design.

Jump ring and wrapped sterling silver wire

And there’s another project that comes together in just minutes. Feel free to innovate. I’m happy to share basic designs that will inspire you to create your own.

Green and white braided leather cord bracelet


Yellow Jade Bib Necklace

Yellow Jade Bib Necklace

This project came up when I found myself buying bracelets of yellow jade at a novelty store at a nearby mall. They were on sale as lucky bracelets, which the sales lady even activated by resonating them in a metal bowl. I walked off with six bracelets, five of which I repurposed into this necklace project.

It started as a rough sketch on a yellow pad. I grabbed waxed cord matching the yellowish brown color of the beads.

Beads, cord, and design sketch.

Estimating six strands for a bib necklace, I measured about 18 inches each, accounting for the knots that will hold the beads in place. I knotted the beads in a seemingly random manner. Actually, I spaced the beads regularly but in different distances per string. All together, the beads will spread like a bib.

Beads knotted in waxed cord.

The challenge for every necklace design is how to bring the ends together. For this piece that has six “random” strands, I decided to use a separator bar with three holes. I slipped two strands into each hole and knotted off the strings of the end holes. The strings through the middle hole extended all the way to the clasp assembly.

Three-hole spacer bar.

Three-hole spacer bar.

Three-hole spacer bar.

The clasp I used is the screw-type barrel, common for necklaces. I used a cord end tip with a loop to secure each pair of middle strings. Then I attached the barrel clasp.

Screw-on Barrel Clasp

It wasn’t easy to adjust the lengths of the strings so that the bib effect looks clean. But I think my patience paid off.

Yellow Jade Bib Necklace