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  • Life With a Rockjock

    Life With a Rockjock

    The rockjock is Mike, aka Stoney Burke. I’m Ruby Toosday, his sidekick, tech, executive assistant, and significant other. This is one angle of my life. A...

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  • The Tie-Dye Guy at the Rock Concert

    The Tie-Dye Guy at the Rock Concert

    Getting a seat on the main floor at a rock concert has its pros and cons. The pro is you’re...

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  • “I was there!”

    “I was there!”

    We went to the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater expecting to be wowed by the live performances of Yes and Peter...

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  • Jonny Lang. Intense.

    Jonny Lang. Intense.

    One of the many things I’m grateful for is the chance to spend a leg of my life journey in...

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  • Sewing Machines of Love

    Sewing Machines of Love

    It’s what I appreciate about Facebook: people unabashedly sharing their experiences, whereabouts, recipes, and deepest insecurities. Today, I feasted on...

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