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  • New Year (Camera) Lights

    New Year (Camera) Lights

    Every year I put up outdoor lights to illuminate our humble home for the Christmas holidays. I snap a few photos to...

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  • Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    There are days when nothing happens. This one afternoon, new experiences awakened my senses. While watering my potted plants, I noticed...

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  • Meester Blue Jay

    Meester Blue Jay

    Blue Jays are a lot bigger than the regular backyard birds. I can’t tell if it’s the same blue jay...

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  • Oh! Look! Squirrels!

    Oh! Look! Squirrels!

    When I came to the US, I had no idea I’d have to deal with squirrels. You know, those bright-eyed...

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  • Calamondin aka Calamansi

    Calamondin aka Calamansi

    They’re called Calamondin here in the US. And the plants are not easy to find, even in Florida. We had to go...

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  • The Sunflower Seeds Idea

    The Sunflower Seeds Idea

    I had this brilliant idea to grow sunflowers and harvest the seeds for my birdfeeder. As brilliant ideas go, I...

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  • The ‘Tsukubai’ Project

    The ‘Tsukubai’ Project

    I wanted to build a water feature on the corner near the door to our patio. I deliberated on a...

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  • Caimito and Chico

    Caimito and Chico

    The two fruits I terribly miss out here in the US: the sweet and soft purplish caimito (Star Apple) and...

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