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  • Scampering Squirrels

    Scampering Squirrels

    Thought I’d share a video I made sometime ago. Playful squirrels heralding spring! VIDEO: Scampering Squirrels [Music is "It's a Lovely Day"...

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  • Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    There are days when nothing happens. This one afternoon, new experiences awakened my senses. While watering my potted plants, I noticed...

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  • “I choose life!”

    “I choose life!”

      What was supposed to be an incubation of 9-11 days dragged on to 9 weeks. The Black Swallowtail cocoon I...

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  • Waiting For A Butterfly

    Waiting For A Butterfly

    Imagine seeing about a dozen caterpillars feasting on your parsley plant! I was a little weirded out but quickly spotted an...

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  • Meester Blue Jay

    Meester Blue Jay

    Blue Jays are a lot bigger than the regular backyard birds. I can’t tell if it’s the same blue jay...

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  • Oh! Look! Squirrels!

    Oh! Look! Squirrels!

    When I came to the US, I had no idea I’d have to deal with squirrels. You know, those bright-eyed...

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  • Caimito and Chico

    Caimito and Chico

    The two fruits I terribly miss out here in the US: the sweet and soft purplish caimito (Star Apple) and...

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