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  • A Night at the Radisson Hotel Orlando

    A Night at the Radisson Hotel Orlando

    For many years now, we’ve had this never-ending quest for the best Jacuzzi. When we looked around for a new...

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  • Life With a Rockjock

    Life With a Rockjock

    The rockjock is Mike, aka Stoney Burke. I’m Ruby Toosday, his sidekick, tech, executive assistant, and significant other. This is one angle of my life. A...

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  • New Year (Camera) Lights

    New Year (Camera) Lights

    Every year I put up outdoor lights to illuminate our humble home for the Christmas holidays. I snap a few photos to...

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  • Show Me Your Tree 2010

    Show Me Your Tree 2010

    My brother and I grew up on a Christmas tree tradition. We’d buy a fresh tree from the market and...

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  • Count Them… 1… 2… 3…

    Count Them… 1… 2… 3…

    Today is my mother’s birthday. She taught me everything I know. Okay, maybe not the interwebs part. She taught me...

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  • Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    Puppy Dogs and Butterflies

    There are days when nothing happens. This one afternoon, new experiences awakened my senses. While watering my potted plants, I noticed...

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  • “I choose life!”

    “I choose life!”

      What was supposed to be an incubation of 9-11 days dragged on to 9 weeks. The Black Swallowtail cocoon I...

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  • Ribbit


    Dante knew how to point and click with the mouse before he learned to speak. He was six when we took...

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  • Do You Have a Plan B?

    Do You Have a Plan B?

    My Plan A in life is to win the lottery, pay all my debts, buy a tropical island, and live...

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  • Waiting For A Butterfly

    Waiting For A Butterfly

    Imagine seeing about a dozen caterpillars feasting on your parsley plant! I was a little weirded out but quickly spotted an...

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