Ruby Who?

Ruby Bayan“Ruby Bayan has been a freelance writer for more than¬†a decade. She has contributed to several print publications both in Manila and Florida. Her byline can also be seen at a variety of online venues, such as,, and Her range of experience spans the corporate world, the academe, and a variety of other areas, such as mountaineering and illustration. She’s also a¬†consummate crafter and DIYer who has developed a compulsion for beading jewelry. Ruby’s handcrafted creations, written word and personal interests are showcased in her website,” -Playbill, Playboy Philippines, Dec. 2009

Ruby Bayan holds a degree in biology from the University of the Philippines. She is a Filipina currently based in Orlando, Florida. She believes seniors are affectionately described as “seasoned” because they have salt-and-pepper hair.

And yes, she is on Facebook.

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