A Night at the Radisson Hotel Orlando

A Night at the Radisson Hotel Orlando

For many years now, we’ve had this never-ending quest for the best Jacuzzi. When we looked around for a new home some time ago, we kept an eye out for one with a good whirlpool tub. We found a few homes equipped with this nice-to-have feature, but alas, either the house was too expensive or the rest of the house wasn’t to our liking.

Then we did the math on whether we should have a jet tub installed in our house. The numbers said we should just book nights at hotels with Jacuzzi rooms and indulge when we felt like it. This way we don’t have to plunk a huge investment for ownership and installation. The best thing is we don’t have to rock-paper-scissors on who will disinfect the equipment on routine maintenance.

A few months ago, Mike said he noticed that the newly renovated Radisson Hotel next to the entrance of Disneyworld is advertising introductory rates and Jacuzzi rooms. We made a mental note.

Last week, Liquid Bar and Grill, the restaurant of the Radisson Hotel offered a 50% Groupon Discount. Anticipating Mike’s vacation week, we bought the Groupon and booked a night at the hotel’s Jacuzzi room, which was on a Spring Special for the month of April. Serendipitous, we said.

To cut the story short, here are our observations and lessons learned:

  1. The Jacuzzi tub is deep and roomy. The jets are strong and strategically located. We like it.
  2. It was our first time to sleep on a number bed. Mike chose 40 and I chose 30. The tag said the most common setting is 35. The bed makes a loud motor sound when it inflates into a higher/firmer setting. You won’t want to change your settings when your partner is already asleep. Conclusion: it’s great that you can choose your mattress setting at the hotel, but we won’t even consider getting one for ourselves.  
  3. The 6-showerhead shower is nice, but it wastes so much water. The hot water is not able to catch up when all the heads are in play. Also not a feature we’d consider installing at home.
  4. The new amenities are great: flat screen TV, work table with drawers, ergonomic computer chair, huge night tables, large sink, programmable thermostat, radio alarm clock with iPod dock.
  5. Liquid Bar & Grill was cozy. We had New York Strip Steak and Grilled Mahi-Mahi. Generous portions, 5-star delicious.
  6. Room service was unexpectedly fast. They said 20 minutes but took less than 10.
  7. We appreciate the oriental-inspired theme – rich, and contemporary but classic. The bathroom’s black granite floor and countertop worked. The orange-striped textured tiles in the shower, not so much.
  8. Pillows are the same as other hotels – they collapse. We need to bring our own pillows.
  9. The faucet in the bathroom is too tall – causes too much splatter.
  10. We’re already thinking of the next hotel escapade.


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