Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Yes, you can imagine two almost-senior citizens resorting to rock-paper-scissors to settle a dilemma.

Mike and I often have eggs for breakfast. Like most things we share, or have his-and-hers versions of (we share one glass of beverage after meals, we halve all our leftovers, we have his-and-hers recliners, we even have identical phones), we each have a sunny-side-over-well as part of our breakfast.

This one morning, after I had used an egg for breading fish the night before, I discovered a problem.

“There’s only one egg!” I advised Mike, sounding seriously distraught.

He very slowly turned to me, and almost at the same time, we drew our rock-paper-scissors stance.

We stared at each other with the best poker faces we could muster. Half a second… one second…

No one blinked.

The fraction of a breath before we dropped our first count, we both said, “Scrambled!”

We shared one scrambled egg for breakfast. Our day was off to a good start.

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