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  • Waiting For A Butterfly

    Waiting For A Butterfly

    Imagine seeing about a dozen caterpillars feasting on your parsley plant! I was a little weirded out but quickly spotted an...

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  • Luggage Tags

    Luggage Tags

    I had six pieces of luggage to tag for our 2010 trip to Manila–four for check-in and two for hand-carry....

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  • Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Yes, you can imagine two almost-senior citizens resorting to rock-paper-scissors to settle a dilemma. Mike and I often have eggs for...

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  • Project: Bridal Jewelry: The Story

    Project: Bridal Jewelry: The Story

    In January 2009, my son’s friends Rej and Oneal advised me of their plans for a Star Wars Wedding in...

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