9 Reasons to Rearrange Furniture (Again)

9 Reasons to Rearrange Furniture (Again)

House cleaning gets to a point when no matter how well you clean, it doesn’t feel clean enough. That’s the time I think about rearranging the furniture. Depending on the magnitude of the shuffling, the endeavor takes me sometime between a few hours to a few days. 

I always look forward to rearranging the furniture though, because I’ve pegged down nine good reasons to engage in this challenging housekeeping milestone.

1. What better time to clean hard-to-reach corners, nooks, and crannies.
2. A chance to check for insect activity in hidden areas.
3. Finally, wipe the thick dust off decorative accents and accessories.
4. Enjoy that fresh, clean ambiance.
5. Refresh that tired and boring décor theme.
6. It’s an opportunity to count your blessings (or re-appreciate your belongings).
7. Chalk it up as exercise.
8. A different look provides a different perspective.
9. It’s a creative process – therapeutic and cathartic.

To me, rearranging furniture is like starting fresh without having to move to a new home. And it always feels good afterwards. That has to be Reason #10.

P.S. Here’s a how-to I posted on eHow last year: How to Rearrange Furniture Without Help

P.P.S. Lead photo was taken the day we moved to our current residence.


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