Jonny Lang. Intense.

Jonny Lang. Intense.

One of the many things I’m grateful for is the chance to spend a leg of my life journey in Orlando, Florida, where there’s a House of Blues. Yesterday, Mike and I spent the night at the HOB with a gifted young man, Jonny Lang.

If you haven’t heard of Jonny, I don’t blame you. We first heard of him only about four years ago. By accident. At a hotel during one of our annual “gotta-get-a-whiff-of-that-mountain-air” trips to North Carolina.

Mike was proudly brandishing his Stevie Ray Vaughan t-shirt when the lady riding the elevator with us pointed at it and said, “Have you seen Jonny Lang? He plays the guitar as well as SRV. We watched him perform a few weeks ago, and he’s really good! And he’s only like 21 years old!”

The first thing we did when we returned home was grab a CD of Jonny Lang. Since then, Mike and I have been avid fans. The day the tickets to his May 22nd show at the House of Blues Orlando became available, we were in line at the box office.

I was mesmerized. Jonny has some serious talent (and he’s hot too!). He had the tendency to immerse deep into his guitar playing that at certain peak points he almost looked like he was experiencing one of three things: cardiac arrest, electrocution, or orgasm. Intense is the word. Apparently, that was what the audience packed the house for. Oh, the ladies screamed close to fainting! 

For those familiar with Jonny’s signature songs (Lie to Me, Red Light, Rack Em Up, Turn Around, I Am), he gave a “thanks-for-coming-to-see-me” performance where he jazzed up (or, should I say, blues’d up) his renditions. His back-up musicians from Minneapolis and Nashville are also experts at their craft. Electrifying bona fide blues-rock in the flesh. 

I’ll confess, some of the wailing riffs and improv jamming were a tad too long for me, but no, you can’t come out of that Jonny Lang show without echoing me and Mike: “Wow, that young man plays mighty good guitar!”

[Check out Jonny Lang's videos on Youtube. You'll see what I mean.]


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