Sewing Machines of Love

Sewing Machines of Love

It’s what I appreciate about Facebook: people unabashedly sharing their experiences, whereabouts, recipes, and deepest insecurities. Today, I feasted on the hangovers of FB friends who went to the Tears for Fears Live in Manila concert.

A lot of TFF fans photographed and youtubed (yes, it’s a verb now) the concert and shared links on Facebook. After browsing through most of the posts, I could almost feel their euphoria. It’s not often you get to sing along with the artists who wrote and released your karaoke bar signature song. (“It’s Mr. Head Over Heels on the mic again. Another round, please!”) 

Then I caught a couple of LSS (last song syndrome) posts about the TFF songs “Sewing Machines of Love” (Sowing the Seeds of Love) and “Woman in Chains… Sophia” (so free her). It’s easy to mishear song lyrics especially for ears that speak a different language.

Yesterday, Mike was listening to Blood, Sweat and Tears. David Clayton Thomas (see, I remember his name now). They have this old tune that starts with “Born in Appaloosa…” The song is “Go Down Gamblin’” and only recently I discovered that the first line is actually “Born a natural loser.”

Just this afternoon, Mike and I were in the car, listening to a David Gray CD. Of course, it had one of Gray’s most famous songs, “This Year’s Love.” And if you’re familiar with this singer, you know he tends to eat his words. So, for the longest time, I heard the words to his song as “This is love for Legolas.” The real lyrics? “This year’s love had better last.”

The artists I find most difficult to understand are Bruce Springsteen (he sings through his nose), Steely Dan (too poetic), and Jimi Hendrix (his guitar speaks better than him; I haven’t been able to figure out what he’s saying in “Fire”).

I used to ask Mike in exasperation, “Ano daw?” (Say what?) Now I know better to just appreciate the music and calmly gloss over the vocabulary. Besides, do I really want to know what TFF thinks about the sewing machines of love?


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