Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Florida has no real seasons to speak of — just the hurricane season from June to November, and the no-hurricane season for the other six months of the year. Sometimes, though, Floridians sympathize with the rest of the continental United States and go through the process of spring cleaning.

For Mike, spring cleaning means having our screens and windows washed (he has people to do that). For me, it means trimming, repotting, and refreshing the garden (I don’t have people to do that). It also means checking all the storage areas – garage, attic, cabinets – for stuff that may have decayed or decomposed through the cold and musty months.

I used to wonder why there’s only spring cleaning and no summer cleaning or fall cleaning. You’d think people should clean their homes not just in the springtime. In fact, I used to wonder what exactly spring cleaning was all about.

Ten springtimes ago, I wrote an article about my introduction to this annual purging ritual: Spring Cleaning with Friends

Last spring, I wrote a how-to piece, once again timely (and quite popular), for eHow.com: How to Enjoy Spring Cleaning

Regardless of the absence of winter snow in our neck of the woods, Mike and I welcome spring, not only for the clean feeling, but also because we can hang out at the beach, appreciate the lush foliage and colorful flowers all around, and avail of the bulk discounts for tissue for our spring allergies. *Aah-choo!*


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