“Your order’s ready!”

“Your order’s ready!”

Mike and I go to this burger place that calls out your name when your order is ready. One busy weekend, after a bit of a wait for our order, the voice on the PA called out, “Mike, your order’s ready, Mike.” Four Mikes approached the counter.

The next time we ate there, the restaurant had it figured out — there are just too many burger-lovin’ Mikes in the world. When the order-taker asked Mike for his name and he said, “Mike”, the girl asked for the initial of his last name. So, when we heard, “Mike L, your order’s ready, Mike L”, we knew he’d be the only Mike claiming our burgers.

Yesterday we felt naughty. As we fell in line, we agreed, “To heck with ‘Mike’… let’s give the order-taker a character name.”

After the girl finished taking our order, she asked for Mike’s name. He gave her the character-for-the-day name we picked. She smiled and said, “I’m honored to meet you, Sir.”

We sat down and waited for the loudspeaker to call us.

“Silver Surfer, your order is ready, Silver Surfer.”

The guy at the counter, and half the people in the room, looked up to see who this Silver Surfer was. They saw us walk up and gave us a fleeting smile. After realizing that it was just a regular white dude with a brown Asian by his side, they all quickly returned to their business at hand. Still, that split-second amusement we gave everyone who heard that the Silver Surfer’s burgers and fries are ready… priceless.

Next time we drop by for a burger fix, we’ll say we’re “Hall and Oates.”

Note: According to Mongabay.com, “Michael” is the 4th most common male first name in the US. The first three are James, John, and Robert. No mention of their preference for ground beef.

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