Wall Shelf Demon

Wall Shelf Demon
I have this thing for wall shelves. Every two and a half years a little demon stirs inside me — a burning compulsion to build shelving. I can’t help it. I see a blank wall and the first thing that comes to mind is “That’s a nice location for a shelf.” I’d grab some boards, a hammer and nails and voila! Wall shelf. I made one for every single wall in our house in Manila.
Here in the US, when we lived in apartment homes (four in all, over nine years), I couldn’t mess with the walls because they all had this “only small nail holes allowed” rider on the rental agreement. So every two and a half years, I’d build a freestanding bookshelf.
The day we moved to our own house, that little demon stirred again. Look at all these blank walls! I immediately drew plans to build, yes, wall shelves! The first one was for Mike’s CD collection. Five 8-foot pine boards, 20 metal brackets, and 120 screws later: wall shelves.
CD Shelves

Mike's CD Shelf (now 6 levels).

That was two and half years ago. Last week, like a woman possessed, I began measuring another wall for floor-to-ceiling shelving. I coerced Mike to help me buy all the materials: pine boards, brackets, screws, stain, polyurethane seal and paintbrushes. I made our patio my staging area and, long story short, in two days flat I built and populated a wall-mounted bookshelf.
I look at my handiwork and feel my little Wall Shelf Demon sneak back into his happy place. For now.
Here are the step-by-step photos of the shelf-building process:

The wall before the shelf project.

Bare wall.

Acquire materials.

Apply stain and polyurethane seal.

Install metal uprights.

Install brackets and boards.

Organizing books on a shelf: priceless.

[Click on last photo to enlarge.]

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