Suck My Sago

Suck My Sago

Note that I left the Philippines in 1998; going back there in 2010 is going back to a whole new world. One of the pleasant and funny surprises Mike and I encountered was the Sago’t Gulaman at Max’s Restaurant.

Oh, we’re familiar with the gulaman at sago delicacy; we’re natural born Pinoys. It’s just that the last time we had them, decades ago for Mike, they didn’t have those hose-like straws to suck the sago through.

We used to drink the arnibal with a regular straw, and scoop the gulaman and sago with a long-stemmed teaspoon. Apparently, someone thought of getting rid of the teaspoon.

Mike couldn’t get over how much fun he was having sucking the sago through the wide straw. 

“Have you tried this? Try it! Try it!” 

Of course, it was my first time too. I didn’t know how much pressure to put on the suck, so I started pulling in gently. Tsup! The straw caught one sago, which easily slipped through, projectiled into my mouth and hit my soft palate before bouncing between my tongue and my tonsils.  

Holy Choking Hazard, Batman! 

After tripping on our first-time experience with the oversized sucking apparatus, Mike and I considered ourselves lucky we didn’t have to perform Heimlich Maneuvers on each other. We had no doubt that in the US, use of oversized straws to inhale any type of food would be written up as a health hazard and strictly regulated. Which gives us another good reason to visit the Philippines.

[Photo of Sago't Gulaman courtesy of the Max's Restaurant website.]

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