Garage Sale: Best Source of Clutter

Garage Sale: Best Source of Clutter

I try hard to practice what I preach. So, after writing an article about “How To Stop Clutter From Entering the Home“, where I said that garage sales are among the best sources of clutter, I wonder why we even bother to go to these weekend yard sales. Maybe the temptation is just too strong. After finding more than a few items at a steal, how do you not crave for more?

Because we’ve practically run out of space in the house for whatever steal, aka clutter, we might grab from a neighbor’s purging, we’ve taken on a new mindset. The first question we ask each other when we spot something we absolutely can’t live without is, “Where are we going to put this?” This mindset has saved us from giving our living room a tacky ecclectic makeover. 

I’m glad to report, though, that we’ve further improved our garage sale buying strategy. When we drive around the ‘hood, we head out with a purpose: “We’re looking for big black picture frames for our posters. And very cheap sheets to cover plants in the winter.” We remain painfully determined to ignore all other items that call our attention, no matter how rock bottom cheap they are.

Lately, we’ve been able to walk away from items we’d save from oblivion in our neighbor’s garage only to store them in oblivion in our own garage. We’ve been able to save dollars by ignoring items that we’d end up giving away to the freecycling group. We’re getting better.

Yesterday we drove around looking for just one species of clutter: CDs that are no more than a dollar each. Two of our neighbors had CDs in their driveway stash. And although we succeeded in purchasing only $1 CDs, we still picked up a few that, after listening to the cuts, are not worth even the dollar we spent. Still, we did go garage sale shopping with a purpose. Now we have a few CDs to give away.

[P.S. The pots in the lead photo, I got ALL of them (some cropped out at the bottom of the pic) at a yard sale for only $2.]

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