Where are my glasses?

Where are my glasses?

I could still get away with it at age 45. By age 50, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Either that or bear the consequences of fumbling about in a blurry world.

I succumbed to my first bi-focals three years ago. Eyesight deterioration was evident. Slowly but surely, I lost focus on almost everything I did. At first it became harder to read fine print. Then the computer monitor needed larger fonts. Then I had to wear glasses to see what I was eating. Crafting and beading became impossible without my close-range/reading lenses. Yesterday, I realized how bad it has become.

I noticed that my reading glasses were blurry–I must’ve held them when I lathered lotion on my hands after washing the dishes. I tore open a packet of lens wipes and gingerly cleaned my reading glasses. But then with my poor eyesight, I couldn’t see if the lenses were already clean. I thought of wearing my second pair of glasses (oh, ye, I have a spare!) to see if I’d done a good job.

And then there’s this thing about putting on eye makeup. How do you apply eye liner when you need to wear eyeglasses to see your eyelids?

Also, when you misplace your phone, you can grab another phone to call the missing phone to locate it when it rings. When you misplace your eyeglasses, how do you find it when you can’t see? Has someone invented a GPS tracker for eyeglasses yet? Is there an app for that? But then again I’ll need to wear glasses to work the app. *Sigh*

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