My Beading: How It All Started

My Beading: How It All Started

I started stringing beads a few years back; first plastic beads, then wood beads. Just to keep my fingers busy, I made novelties for myself and some friends.

One day, I found myself bidding for a pack of assorted gemstone nuggets at eBay. When I got my order, I wanted more, so I went to the nearest Michael’s where I hauled a ton of beads and findings.

I suddenly felt compelled to study the beading and wire art craft. Luckily, there’s the Internet, where a lot of professionals are kind enough to share their knowledge. I visited bookstores to browse craft books. I bought magazines for inspiration. I asked my brother overseas to send me beads and crystals. I knew I was hooked when I rearranged my craft room to accommodate my growing inventory of beads and jewelry.

I practiced every new skill I learned until I realized that I had manufactured a stash of jewelry to wear to every occasion for the rest of my life.

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