Face-to-Face With An Immigration Officer

Face-to-Face With An Immigration Officer

“What is the purpose of your visit to the United States, and how long are you planning to stay?”

My eyes locked on the stern, expressionless face of the white-uniformed immigration officer sitting in the cubicle. He held open my passport and alternated looking at me and my picture. Even as I crossed the yellow line on the floor, in front of his cubicle, I already caught his eyes scrutinize me from head to toe. It was at that moment, just two steps ago, that I felt my brain shut down.

All of my friends had warned me, even my relatives, and my boss, that I should be ready when I face the immigration officer at my port of entry to the US. Regardless that I have a visa, the first person I will encounter at the door to the Land of Milk and Honey, will be a coldhearted government officer empowered, by the most powerful nation in the world, to send me back to where I came from — literally.

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